You want to join our team? Then you are exactly right here!

We are always looking for new qualified employees. If you can’t find your wanted job among the listed positions, feel free to send us your speculative application. We will look into your application and tell you if you would fit into our team.

Current jobs

Bachelor/Master thesis

We are currently offering the following bachelor’s/master’s thesis:

Of course, you are welcome to apply on your own initiative and we will see together which project we can offer you. We are very open and also like to take up your ideas.

Dual Systems Study

We are in close cooperation with the Duale Hochschule in Horb am Neckar. It is located about 5 km away from our company site. The combination of our company and the college is ideal if you want to study in the area and find an apartment with wich you can reach both sites.

We are mainly pursuing the electrical engineering course at the Duale Hochschule, but if you want to study something similar, don’t be afraid to contact us anyway. We may be able to find an agreement.