In highly frequented parking garages with numerous different parking spaces, individual space detection is often worthwhile. In this way, it is possible to display whether and how many parking spaces are still available before the parking space is reached. It doesn’t matter whether you want to equip your entire parking garage with sensors or only the newly implemented electric charging bays.
Color coding indicates different parking spaces and ensures a speedy parking process and efficient use of space.

The most important key data at a glance:

  • V2X accessibility
  • Simple retrofitting (for instance for electric charging stations)
  • Custom color of the visualization (electric charging stations, parking for the handicapped, …)
  • Can be combined with remaining space displays
  • PC software for configuration

Since each parking garage has a different structure, we include software for configuring all sensors and related hardware. This also makes it possible to set up different parking lot types.

Connecting a parking garage to V2X technology is a first important step toward Level 5 autonomous parking, which is why we are already developing the interfaces for it to be perfectly prepared for the future.

Number of sensorsup to 240 per area (unlimited combination of areas)
Color for signalizationRGB Color spectrum (configurable); Standard: green / red
Sensor size65 mm x 50 mm x 35 mm
InstallationOwn aluminium profile with cable duct, mounting groove and duct cover
HousingInjection molding with robust connectors in IP65
InterfacesModbus RTU, Modbus TCP, RS485, V2X