It is smaller brother of our bigger LED flood light  – but it comes with all of its big brothers advantages.

The compact LED spotlight is up for many challenging environments. Whether hall illumination, test field illumination or as a mobile LED spotlight – it suits countless requirements.
And last but not least one of its main characteristics: due to special LEDs, it can have a 120° angle of radiation. Therefore in illuminates even the remotest corners of your site with a bright and even light.

The aluminum and stainless steel housing gives the LED spotlight an absolutely stable and chic design. The compact and almost unobtrusive heat sink allows fanless and permanent 24/7 operation.
You can find the LED spotlight with different color temperatures, which allows lighting for any ambience.

Application examples

  • Illumination of test fields
  • Illumination of buildings
  • Illumination of halls, loading yards, underpasses, public places and facilities
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Illumination of large open areas
  • platform lighting
  • can also be used as a mobile LED spot

Technical data

Power consumption at 230 VAC20 W40 W60 W85 W
Luminous flux1,700 Lumen3,400 Lumen5,200 Lumen8,000 Lumen
Beam characteristic120° 120°120°120°
colour temperature2.700-6.250 K2.700-6.250 K2.700-6.250 K2.700-6.250 K
Dimensions in mm
Weightapprox. 3 kgapprox. 7 kgapprox. 7 kgapprox. 7 kg
Safety classIP65IP65IP65IP65
Temperature range-25° bis +50°-25° bis +50°-25° bis +50°-25° bis +50°