Advantages of Brandmaier LED lighting

Energy Savings

Up to 80% less energy needed

Long Life

The LEDs we use have a life-expectancy of over 60.000 hours – that equates to more than 7 years of continuous usage.

Noise- and flicker-free

Smooth and noise-free lighting makes working under it relaxed

optionally dimmable

Well-esthablished DMX-Controls as well as regulation via Dali or Network are possible

Made in Germany

Most of our component-suppliers are in our direct neighborhood. We develop and build all of our products in Germany.

low heat development

All of our products are made for 24/7 use – they only build up temperaturs of 40°C (104°F)

Product overview

Detailed information about the various products can be found on the following pages and in our brochure.

Our biggest – our brightest. Suitable for any application: salt water, drinking water, indoor crane – just about anything.
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Smooth illumination with a simple design. This allows the use in test fields or workplaces.
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Small, compact and bright. With these features it is ideally suited – for various machines, control cabinets or narrow spaces.
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Four colors – many applications. Its perfectly suited for many things – from outdoor events to standalone object lighting.
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