Advantages of Brandmaier LCD displays

Ideal to be solar powered

LCD Displays need very little enegry – that makes them ideally suited to be solar powered. Perfect as a display with GSM on remote bus stops.

Engery-saving LED backlighting

We specially developed a LED-Backlighting – it is perfectly adapted to our LCD-Displays to save energy.

Accentuated black-and-white contrast

With our patent-regsitered LTN technology we are able to create a high contrast in our LCD Displays.

Product overview

Detailed information about the various products can be found on the following pages and in our brochure.

Information about LCD technology

LCD displays are passive displays in which the light transmission is switched by applied voltage in defined partial areas.

There are no moving parts and there is no aging effect dependent on the duty cycle and switching operation of the segments. Since the displays do not emit their own light but use the ambient light, liquid crystal displays offer the advantage of very low-power control. The LCD modules are characterized by very low installation depth.

The shape, position and size of the individual controllable segments are determined by the layout of the liquid crystal cell specific to the application.

We can supply the following two variants of LCD modules:

reflectiveControlled segments become visible through incident light
transflectiveControlled segments become translucent and visible by artificial backlighting or by reflection of the incident light.The transmitted light of the backlighting is thereby effective with less strong incident light to darkness.

Our glasses in the patented LTN technology (Low Twist Nematic) are tensionless bright and provide extremely high contrast displays with the following advantages:

  • true black/white display
  • no change of the background color at oblique viewing angles, different temperatures as well as changing ambient brightnesses
  • our patented LTN_ technology for better contrast, significantly higher brightness and lower backlight energy consumption
  • LCD glasses optically coupled to the front panel additionally increase brightness and contrast
  • extremely efficient and energy-saving LED backlighting
  • suitable for solar powered displays